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Apply as translator

We really appreciate and welcome professional translators. Join us!


Translator or editor of any language is expected to:

  • Provide human translation, which makes sense. Please, mind, no bots, "google translation" or machine translation of any kind is allowed.
  • Be keen on details: pay attention to the job and file requirements, take due care of text details like locale and cultural code, and never hesitate to report a mistake in the source text or ask help on a term in doubt.

Job opportunities

We offer two positions for freelance translators:

  • Translator with under 5 years experience.
  • Expert translator with over 5 years experience. Expert translators are allowed proofreading and editing jobs.

We also accept applications from DTP specialists.

To join us:

  1. Simply apply here online or email us.
  2. We will then email you a sample test up to 100 words. Translate and email it back for quality review.
  3. After the test we will contact you to negotiate terms of work, rates, etc.

Apply as translator

Feel free to:

+7(7172) 49-49-97 — talk to us — send CV